It’s so comfy and safe it’s not even filling up it’s play pen today


Episode 111 Chastity device is worn whenever I am not in my Mistress supervision. So when she leaves work she makes me put it on, when she arrives at work I am permitted to remove it. My sex life is restricted to her arousal to almost orgasm but not quite but the denial of my release, before putting the chastity device back on me before she leaves work each day. This process means I can have sex with no other women, I cannot masturbate and I am absolutely controlled in my release by her. The more frustrated I become, the more obsessive I am- the more obsessive I become, the more devoted I am- the more devoted I am, the better slave I am to her whims. 


She likes to get a maximum of stimulation while he rides her girlcock

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Been a while since I locked up. Got a key holder once again so I’ll see how long I can go.